Professional CNC milling machine services in Cape Town

What exactly is CNC milling?

At Gullwing Engineering, we make use of the very latest technology when it comes to computer numerical controlled (CNC) milling machine services. We have four CNC milling centres, one of which has 4th axis capability’s. The table size capacity of the machines range from 610 mm x 370 mm to 1 m x 500 mm. These machines make use of the most advanced technology in CNC machining, which enables us to manufacture almost any part thinkable for almost any application. Our machines are both advanced and well maintained, enabling us to produce very neat and precise components for our clients.

The programming technology we make use of include EdgeCAM Part Molder and Solid Machinist which is a state-of-the-art modelling systems. These technologies enable us to do complex programming, which in turn results in us being able to produce an almost limitless number of 2D and 3D machined designs.

With our CNC milling machines, we are able to produce any component made of mild steel, tool steel, all non-ferrous metals, stainless steel and titanium. We are not only able to produce components for mass production however; we can also produce concepts and prototypes for our clients. All components we produce are made exactly to the clients’ specifications.

In short, our CNC milling centres can be used to produce almost any component, ranging from prototypes, right through to the fabrication of unique and complex precision components (for both long and short run production).

CNC milling is ideal for the manufacture of prototypes, complex parts, and also precision parts and components. The machinery allows for any kind of material to be manipulated in an efficient manner and by using this advanced technology, companies in the precision engineering industry have been able to speed up their production times, the precision of the parts and components delivered, and also the quality of the end result.

Milling can be defined as a machining process that combines the actions of both drilling and cutting. Due to this fact, these machines are able to perform almost all of the operations that conventional drilling and cutting machines can achieve. Our turning machines also make use of the most advanced technology, in turn allowing us to produce the most advanced components possible.

Computer numerical controlled (CNC) milling is a specialised form of CNC machining, and milling machines are one of the most common types of CNC machines that are used by precision engineering companies. In its most simple form, CNC machines transform any type of raw material into a finished part either by adding or removing materials via specialised machinery.

Like a conventional drilling machine, these machines make use of cylindrical cutting tools. The difference between conventional drilling machines and CNC milling machines are that, unlike a drilling machine that is only able to move along one axis, a this machine is able to move along multiple axes (consisting of at least the X, Y and Z axes), enabling it to create a wide variety of unique holes, slots and shapes, and provide a custom design or product in the end. There are also various cutting tools that can be applied to the milling machine, which allows for the creation of different types of parts and the use of different materials.

A CNC milling machine is an exceptionally useful device, as they are able to produce specialised custom shapes that are almost impossible to produce using manual tooling methods. This machinery is ideal for high accuracy, high tolerance manufacturing requirements. It is therefore the ideal machine to use to manufacture small and precise parts and components that need to fit into a larger machine.

If you have a unique part or component that you would like manufactured by an experienced engineering company, get in touch with the team at Gullwing Engineering to discuss your requirements, today!

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