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Gullwing Engineering is one of the most recognised and celebrated companies for engineering in Cape Town and has been in the general and precision engineering industry for almost 30 years. We specialise in manufacturing precision engineered parts and components for our clients, and the extensive experience we have gained over the years allows us to do so in an expert fashion.

According to our business philosophy, no job is to great or too small for us to complete within time and within budget, each and every time. Not only do we work quickly, we also work precisely, crafting quality components for our clients.

Our offices and factory are situated in Montague Gardens, Cape Town, but our services are available to clients in all industries, across South Africa.


At Gullwing engineering, we use a range of machines to manufacture parts and components, including CNC and conventional milling machines, CNC and conventional turning machines, and powerful press machines.

We are able to process a wide range of materials in our workshop using our varied manufacturing techniques and machines, including titanium, mild steel, tool steel, all non-ferrous metals, stainless steel and plastics. This versatility in our manufacturing techniques and the materials we use has enabled us to produce components that are suitable for almost any application thinkable.

To accommodate all of our clients, we do both long run and short run production, effectively catering to clients who need large volumes of components, as well as to clients who only need a few components manufactured. We can also design and develop component prototypes for our clients to view and test before full production begins.


Precision engineering can best be described as a subdivision of other engineering fields, including the electrical, software, electronics, mechanical and optical engineering industries. These fields all concern the design and manufacture of fixtures, and similar structures, that are highly tolerant and also stable over time. Most often, this relates to the manufacturing of complicated instruments, machine tools, parts, electronics, etc., that play a crucial part in the functioning of machinery. Overall, the aim of precision engineering and manufacturing is to improve products or machines’ performance, reliability, accuracy, lifespan and safety when used.

Our talented team specialises the design and manufacture of specialist parts and tools, in line with our clients’ specific requirements. Precision engineered parts need to be manufactured correctly and efficiently so that the modern machinery that it fits into will function optimally – which means that sizing and positioning are important.

The industry is therefore very precise and has a set list of aims that pertain to every project. At Gullwing, we pay close attentions to our clients’ needs and ensure that we manufacture and deliver parts accordingly.

Different materials are used for the manufacture of different parts, depending on the clients’ requirements and the application of the items. Some of the materials that we use to manufacture parts for our diverse clientele, include steel, mild steel, plastics, tool steel, titanium and all kinds of non-ferrous metals.


  • Toolmaking – our team can manufacture a wide selection of tools that are suited for various applications. With the machinery we have available we manufacture all tools in-house.
  • General Engineering – with the required skills and machinery to our disposal, we manufacture a wide range of general and precision engineering parts and components at Gullwing.
  • Press Work – with our advanced press machinery, we can shape metal sheets into working parts and components without causing excess waste. Sheets can be shaped into assorted sizes, depending on client requirements.
  • CNC & Conventional Milling – we have access to 3rd and 4th axis CNC milling machines, as well as conventional machinery, which allows us to provide quality services and minimise production times.
  • CNC & Conventional Turning – with top of the range CNC turning machines at our facilities, we manufacture a range of precision components that are suited for a variety of applications.
The team at Gullwing Engineering pride ourselves in our quality general and precision engineering workmanship and business integrity. We feel that these traits are the key to running a successful company that is able to serve all clients, without fail.

If you require precision engineering in Cape Town, you are welcome to get in touch with our team of engineers either via phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you!