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Production turning is a process widely popular in the engineering industry and we at Gullwing Engineering also offer this specialised manufacturing service. We have assisted clients in assorted industries with their production turning requirements over the years and we are proud of the quality of the completed components. All parts and components produced by our team are manufactured using our advanced CNC lathe (or CNC turning) machines.

Turning refers to a manufacturing method in which a machine makes use of a pointed cutting tool to manipulate material into custom designs. The machine feeds the cutting tool onto the chosen material while the material is spins (turns) rapidly. The rotation is achieved using the CNC lathe and the material is then shaped into the chosen design by the cutting tool.

At Gullwing Engineering, we have two CNC Okuma Turning Centres available, allowing us to produce all kinds of parts and components in line with client specifications. We also utilise the latest EdgeCAM Part Modeler and EdgeCAM Solid Machinist Max modelling technology to perform complex programming – which in turn makes it possible for us to produce any part or component you need.

A great benefit offered by these turning machines is that fact they can operate without constant human intervention. Therefore, we can programme the machines and they will start producing your parts and components. Because the machines follow a pre-programmed computer-based design, it can achieve flawless production results of a superior quality. Our machines are also fitted with bar feeders, so we can continuously feed machining stock without the need to handle the unprocessed materials.

Count on Gullwing Engineering for quality production turning

With the combined engineering experience of our team, along with our advanced turning machinery, Gullwing Engineering offers premium production turning solutions to supply you with parts and components that meet your needs.

Talk to us about your specific part or component requirements and we will provide you with a suitable – and competitively priced – option. As our machines can be programmed to produce any design you have in mind, large-scale production is not a problem for us at all.

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